Why Origin Fire

Fire safety engineering that enables your vision

Our role as New Zealand’s leading fire engineering consultancy is not to present you with problems and impossibilities, but to engineer solutions that support the outcome you want to achieve.

We’re able to do this because we have the knowledge and skills required to take a first principles approach to fire engineering. Instead of hearing “it can’t be done”, from us you’ll hear “here’s how it can be done”.

Our work is grounded in fire science. Using sophisticated modelling software, our team of engineers use innovative approaches to assist challenging construction projects and enable the materialisation of new architectural ideas.

While we’re based in New Zealand, we frequently work in Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

How We Work

Scope of work and timeframe considered and agreed, Origin Fire lead engineer assigned to the project.
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Our People

The Origin Fire team is led by Michael James, a chartered professional engineer who has been specialising in fire engineering since 1996. Assisting him is a team of specialised fire engineers who are available to work throughout Australasia and Asia, applying country-specific codes and planning standards for fire safety.
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Careers with Origin Fire

Excellent fire engineers are hard to find. We are always interested in talking to people who are putting their fire engineering qualifications to good use.
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