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Collaboration and creativity in fire safety engineering, passive fire and fire protection.

Origin Fire is a leading fire engineering consultancy with specialists in fire safety engineering, passive fire safety, fire protection and emergency lighting.

We offer strategic fire consulting, and our services include computer modelling, fire engineering design, passive fire, fire protection, construction monitoring, system specification, compliance checking, safety assessment and peer review services.

Our projects encompass construction and reconstruction of buildings in residential, retail, office and industry across private and public sectors.

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Fire Safety Engineering

Overcoming the fire safety challenges of any type of structure.

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Fire Protection

Designing the components of an effective fire protection system.

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Advisory Consulting

Sharing our unsurpassed knowledge wherever it’s needed.

Passive Fire Protection

Concepting solutions at design stage for a smooth consenting process

Emergency Lighting

Our lighting design and inspection services enable stress-free building consent.

Fire Evacuation Schemes

Our team can prepare an evacuation scheme for you to submit to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.