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COVID-19 Alert Level 1 Status

At Alert Level 1, many Origin Fire staff will continue to work remotely.

Site inspections continue, and we will continue to comply with Construction Health and Safety NZ guidance and contractors’ site specific plans.

The protection and safety of our team, clients, contractors and community is paramount.

Please get in touch if you need to discuss your site inspection or fire engineering requirements with the Origin Fire team.

Stay well, everyone.

– Michael James and the Origin Fire team

Collaboration and creativity in fire safety engineering, passive fire and fire protection.

Origin Fire is a leading fire engineering consultancy with specialists in fire safety engineering, passive fire safety, fire protection and emergency lighting.

We offer strategic fire consulting, and our services include computer modelling, fire engineering design, passive fire, fire protection, construction monitoring, system specification, compliance checking, safety assessment and peer review services.

Our projects encompass construction and reconstruction of buildings in residential, retail, office and industry across private and public sectors.

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Fire Safety Engineering

Overcoming the fire safety challenges of any type of structure.


Fire Protection

Designing the components of an effective fire protection system.


Advisory Consulting

Sharing our unsurpassed knowledge wherever it’s needed.

Origin Fire Team Comments

The vision of the NZ Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA) is to raise building standards by providing leadership to the Chinese segment of the construction industry. It’s exciting to belong to this Association. Their vision complements Origin’s drive for improved quality in design and construction in cooperation with our Chinese clients.

Dr Alex Zhu

Fire Engineer, Origin Fire

Clients should expect to receive options … they should be able to really focus on a solution that works for them, one that ticks all the boxes when it also comes to considerations about space, aesthetics and price.

Wayne Joseph

Senior Fire Protection Engineer, Origin Fire

Fire engineering impacts all of the building design disciplines – architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical. By engaging with experts in each of these disciplines and applying first principles, Origin Fire is able to achieve fire protection outcomes that support the project’s overall vision. We have a track record of breaking new ground and coming up with original ideas.

Michael James

Managing Director, Fire Engineering Consultant

I enjoy the challenge of projects that have special fire engineering requirements, particularly those that involve children, the elderly and hospital patients. The process of modelling fire scenarios allows me to apply all my knowledge and skills to formulate best-practice solutions.

Sajeesh Nair

Team Leader, Fire Engineering, Origin Fire

My many years as an electrical engineer has provided the perfect foundation for emergency lighting design. I’m an excellent collaborator, which assists the consultation, design and implementation process.

Clive Revie

Emergency Lighting Engineer, Origin Fire