Fire Protection

Fire protection is the detailed design of all the fire safety components required to create an effective fire protection system – from sprinklers, alarms, hydrants to special hazard protection.

Fire Sprinkler System Design

Fire sprinkler systems are an extremely effective way of utilising fire protection to preserve life and property during a fire emergency. Our fire engineers create designs that encompass all components of fire protection systems. This enables competitive tenders and ensures that all space coordination is carried out during the fire design phase, rather than during construction.

Fire Alarm System Design

Fire alarm systems are a fire safety component that provide early warning to building occupants. Our fire protection engineers prepare a full design to ensure fire protection compliance and enable the coordination of all components with other services, such as lights and grilles.

Fire Hydrant Design

Fire hydrants both inside and outside the building are used by Fire and Emergency personnel to control a fire. This enables them to carry out search and rescue operations and protect property. Our fire protection engineers design fire hydrant systems to meet New Zealand Standard and Building Code requirements.

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Fire Protection


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