Emergency Lighting

Origin’s emergency lighting design and inspection services enable a stress free building consent process and installation by contractors.

Emergency Lighting Audits

Over the years the regulations around emergency lighting has increased the requirements for emergency lighting. In addition, technology has improved, and new emergency lighting systems have longer life lamps and use less electricity. An audit can identify where there are deficiencies and options for adding new technology.

Emergency Lighting Design

Emergency Lighting is needed in most buildings to comply with the Building Code. This needs to be carefully selected to ensure the correct light levels are achieved on the floor of escape routes. In addition, the lights need to be located to blend in with the Architectural features. We design emergency lighting systems to meet the both the requirements of the building code and additional building owner

Emergency Lighting Installation Completion Inspections

Once an installation is completed, we inspect the installation to ensure that the correct lights have been installed in the correct location and that the controls work as required. Once all the work is completed to our specifications and the correct test documents and as-built documents are supplied we are able to issue a Producer Statement inspection PS4.

To speak with one of our fire engineers about your your emergency lighting requirements, or to book an audit of your system, please call us or enquire via the button below.

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