Christine Cann


Christine Cann

Senior Fire Safety Technician
M 021 172 9118

Christine spent a decade as a mechanical designer before joining Origin Fire in 2003. At Origin Christine learned key aspects of fire engineering design. Together her professional expertise and exceptional people skills have secured her a reputation for quality work and client service.

Most of Christine’s work with Origin today is advising on what’s
required in terms of safety and evacuation. She provides fire reports that comply with New Zealand Building Code Acceptable Solutions and Ministry of Education standards, and she undertakes site visits to make sure fire penetrations are completed with the right products and quality finishing.

“I like being involved in projects from the start, making sure we have highlighted and advised on all relevant issues for consideration before design work starts. I like that my clients trust me and respect the knowledge I have. As we continue to discover within the Origin team, we can all learn from each other.”

Outside of work, Christine enjoys entertaining friends, tennis, walking dogs, gardening and spending time with her family.