Mohamed Haisar

Mohamed Haisar - Intermediate Passive Fire Engineer

Mohamed Haisar

Intermediate Passive Fire Engineer
ME (Struct), BE (Civil), EPEngNZ
M 021 299 3219


Mohamed grew up in the Middle East, before heading to India to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. After moving to New Zealand he completed his Master’s degree in Structural Engineering at the University of Auckland.

Prior to joining Origin Fire in November 2020, Mohamed worked as a Project Engineer for a passive fire protection company. He has extensive experience in passive fire protection and passive fire products in the construction industry, along with hands on experience with most passive fire products.

His background as a civil engineer means Mohamed has a deeper understanding of construction activities and structural design and safety. Additionally, his experience in the fire protection industry has honed his skills as a practical passive fire protection engineer. He says that although he inadvertently entered into this career, he truly loves the challenges of being a passive fire protection engineer.

As an Intermediate Passive Fire Engineer, Mohamed assists senior engineers in carrying out their job efficiently; tackling the challenging part of the design, and implementing solutions that best suit site conditions. 

Outside of work, Mohamed leads a very active and adventurous lifestyle; playing soccer at a professional grade in Division at Albany, as well as enjoying swimming, and hiking summit tracks around New Zealand.

“My civil engineering degrees ensure I can analyse, design and plan various aspects of construction, which I believe give valuable insights for my role in passive fire protection engineering.”