Mona Liu

Mona Liu | Origin Fire ConsultantsMona Liu

Technical Operations Manager & Fire Engineer
MengSt(Fire), ME(Chem, Hons), BE(Chem, Hons), MEngNZ
M 021 0327585

Mona studied at Auckland University, graduating with a Masters degree, first class honours, in chemical engineering. After working in local manufacturing operations and with experience in health and safety, customer support, planning, research and teaching, Mona could have chosen any career path.

Instead she started studying fire engineering at Canterbury University in the summer of 2016. “Fire is a specialist area that’s hugely fascinating for me. My husband is a fire engineer. The more we talked about his work, the keener I became to make it my career too.”

Mona is fascinated by fire modelling, predicting the spread of smoke and heat from fires. She loves the interdisciplinary, upfront consultancy approach to fire safety and engineering. She’s delighted to be coming into fire engineering at a time when legislators are more committed to getting fire safety design right.

“I knew Michael James by reputation in the industry. I chose Origin for its reputation as an exceptionally competent team. I’m definitely in the right place at the right time.”

Mona also loves to cook, hang out with her samoyed dog, and volunteer in her local community.