Challenges and Opportunities for New Kiwis and Industry Colleagues

March 10, 2017

These are exciting and challenging times for the Chinese building industry and its industry colleagues and Origin’s Alex Zhu is now representing Origin Fire in the New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA).

In the Association’s first edition of its brand new journal b+d (Building + Design + Development), President Frank Xu says the Association’s vision is “… to uplift the prospects of the New Zealand Building Industry by acting as a major platform for people, funding, and projects to be exchanged and collaborated on …”.

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The Dou Gong; Brackets are the iconic structural components of traditional Chinese architecture. The NZCBIA logo is made up of the Dou Gong brackets and the Southern Cross.

Alex agrees the Association will build trust amongst members enhancing communication and focusing   on quality outcomes for the builders, contractors, supplier, developers and consultants joining the Association.

“NZCBIA is committed to networking, collaboration and innovation which is     both exciting and inspirational for me as    a young Chinese fire engineer and for Origin Fire as a leading fire engineering consultancy.”

Alex is currently working with NZCBIA on  a series of articles for  the new journal b+d on how to successfully navigate the design, consenting and construction environment from a fire perspective to build apartment buildings in New Zealand.