Vlogging from the FireNZ 2019 Conference

September 9, 2019

Some of the Origin Fire team attended the FireNZ 2019 Conference in September, and had a great time at what is deemed the most important industry event on our annual calendar.

It is important for Origin to ensure that as many of our people as possible are able to take part in professional development – and it’s at FireNZ conferences where the content is so directly relevant to them. Here we bring you a series of Vlogs to highlight how much the team got out of the Conference this year.

FireNZ 2019 Day 1 | Vlog 1:

Michael James and Sajeesh Nair discuss the keynote presentation from Abhishek Chhabra; ‘Systematic Approach to achieving fire safety of cladding for buildings’. Michael and Sajeesh discuss the notion of ‘end-to-end cladding’, from initial risk assessment through to onsite construction monitoring.

FireNZ 2019 Day 2 | Vlog 1 & 2:

Across two vlogs, Michael James along with the president of FPANZ Chris Mak, and the new SFPE (NZ) president Daryn Glasgow discuss the conference at the end of day two.

FireNZ 2019 Day 2 | Vlog 3 & 4:

Across two vlogs, Michael James and Alex Zhu discuss their key learnings and high points from the second day of their attendance at the FireNZ 2019 conference.

FireNZ 2019 Day 2 | Vlog 5:

Michael James chats with the most recent recruit to the Origin team, Sherry Wang, on how she has found the FireNZ 2019 Conference and what key learnings she will be taking from her experience.